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Looking back on the year 2022

The year 2022 has been rich in events and developments in relation to Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 8.7 to eradicate child labour and forced labour. In this retrospective, we looked back at the key landmarks...

Ending child labour: let’s make France a true “pathfinder country”

Tribune of the “Social Management” magazine destined to  social partners publishes the RHSF column on France’s desire to become a “pioneer country” in the elimination of child labor and forced labor. On 11 June, France announced...

Great forgotten people of the Covid-19 crisis: migrant workers

Migrant workers in developing countries, but also in our developed countries, are the forgotten ones of the Covid-19 pandemic. They are being hit hard and without any social protection because of our own economic difficulties...

Situation of migrant workers in Qatar: the imperative of fair recruitment

In Qatar the issue of recruitment of migrant workers remains critical to ensure that they are not subjected to forced labour.

UN Report on Contemporary Forms of Slavery

In connection with the United Nations report on contemporary forms of slavery, it is important to recall the various socio-economic and environmental changes that will increase the vulnerability of certain populations to violations of their...

Marrakech Pact – fair recruitment, a CSR imperative

Fair recruitment is now a key issue in ensuring decent work for the hundreds of millions of migrant workers working in the global economy. Acting for fair recruitment is a necessity for the States, which...

Deforestation, a human tragedy

Galloping deforestation, whether for the monoculture of soya in Latin America, oil palm in Asia, cocoa in Africa…, also results in forced labour and child labour, Human Resources Without Borders observes.

What about really making accountable companies?

The National Assembly considers a bill which aims to make companies responsible in case of violation of Human rights in their suppliers. Will it succeed in making companies truly accountable? A first step, but an...

Child labour: companies are too often in denial

Martine Combemale and Guy Clavel from RHSF express their views on the role of companies with regard to child labor in subcontracting chains.

China: the government’s encouraging sign after the explosion in a plant in Kunshan

RHSF highlights the encouraging mobilization of the Chinese government after industrial accidents at a Chinese metals plant in the city of Kunshan.

Qatar abolishing the sponsorship of foreign workers, should we believe this?

Qatar announces the abolition of the Qatari migrant sponsorship system. For RH Without Borders, this announcement arouses as much hope as skepticism.