Art exhibition

In 2015, RHSF organised an international drawing competition on forced labour, chaired by the cartoonist Plantu and in partnership with the Malaysian NGO Tenaganita.

  • > 300 uncompromising drawings from more than 120 designers from 45 countries,
  • 2 exhibitions that have travelled around the world: “Behind the barcode” and “Leaving”, which explores the links between climate migration and forced labour
  • > 20,000 people sensitized – business leaders, workers, children, the most influential political figures (UN, Senate, ministers…)

Educational catalogues

Available in French and Spanish.

Are you an education professional? Take a look at our educational booklet (in French).

The exhibition on your premises?

The exhibition, available in French, English and Spanish, has been presented all over the world (Paris, Rome, New York, Bangkok, Turkey, Nigeria…).

Loan conditions :

  • For an exhibition in the form of kakemonos :

Contact espace-diversites-laicite@mairie-toulouse.fr or contact  33 (0) 5 81 91 79 60.

  • For an exhibition in the form of paintings: the price will correspond to the cost of carriage of the exhibition in addition to a lump sum of 300 euros.