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RHSF offers a resource centre open to all. Because everyone has a role to play to fight against child labour, forced labour and, more broadly, indecent work related to our consumer goods.

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Visions of forced labour

More than 200 cartoonists participated in the competition launched by RHSF and the International Labour Organization in 2021. Understand the invisible realities of forced labour through the catalogue of the most impactful drawings.

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What are the realities of child labour and forced labour? What is the heart of the problem, and how can we take action? What are your questions? What are our answers?

Key texts

Our work is based on the Human Rights at work recognized by international law.

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Test your knowledge

What are child labour and forced labour? What is their extent? A very short quiz to take stock of your knowledge.

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Quiz around practical cases

Discover the workings of forced labour and child labour through the fates of Jaya, Maria and Dimitri.

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Cartoon exhibition

Cartoonists from all over the world have shared with us their uncompromising views of the reality of forced labour. These drawings have travelled around the world. Discover the educational catalogue of our exhibition.

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Operational resource

Coming from the field, our solutions (methods, tools, training, etc.) enable everyone to contribute, at their own level, to the prevention of child labour and forced labour risks in the suply chain. Designed with the support of academic experts and international organisations, the resource centre's practices cover the 5 pillars of risk prevention:
  1. Mapping, identifying risks,
  2. Assessing risks,
  3. Taking action to mitigate risks,
  4. Guaranteeing the raising of alerts,
  5. Measuring and improving prevention.
They are thus in line with French law on the duty of vigilance of parent companies and ordering companies.
Prevention guide V.01

It is based on the RHSF fieldwork and complete existing frameworks. Produced in the Lab 8.7 research-action programme, it is currently being tested and may be modified.

Foreign workers: your rights in France!

This guide, which is available to all (employers and workers), aims to inform foreign workers about their rights in France.

Risk map and stakeholders

Information and vigilance on the risks of forced labour, child labour and indecent work in several countries.

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Guide on Forced Labour

Information to better identify and prevent forced labour as a buyer, employee representative or consumer.

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Online training courses

Browse through the Child Labour and Forced Labour Explorer as your questions arise, and discover our answers.

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Training on demand

RHSF trains auditors, companies (buyers, CSR professionals, HR...), public and political players and consumer associations. Training programme available soon.

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