Guide to preventing the risks of child and forced labour

Formulaire Prevention Guide (#19)

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This guide is based on field experience and complements existing reference frameworks. It is tested on an ongoing basis as part of the Lab 8.7 action research programme.
This document is based on the European Union’s corporate due diligence guidance on the risk of forced labour, which is itself based on the OECD’s due diligence steps for responsible business conduct.
For each step :
  • It provides an overview of international standards and instruments and their application to the risks of child and forced labour.
  • It recalls the relevant sections of international instruments.
  • It gathers stakeholders’ perspectives on their implementation to enable the company to better understand the operational challenges of its duty of care and the debates it generates.
This document was produced with the financial support of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (MEAE) and the RH Sans Frontières FDD endowment fund (RHSF FDD). It should not be used for commercial purposes.