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Would you like to contribute to the prevention of child labour, forced labour and, more broadly, indecent work in supply chains?

Whether you are a private company, association or citizen, you can join the RHSF movement as a member or partner.

RHSF needs your support to conduct research-action and awareness programmes in the field and thus to advance decent work around the world.

Everyone has a role to play.

Join the RHSF movement!

Joining the RHSF movement is a powerful act. By becoming a member of RHSF, you engage and support :

Our ambition, so that every child can dream about the future and so that everyone can work with dignity everywhere,

Our actions in the field, in France and abroad, to intervene on the causes of child labour and forced labour and to prevent them effectively and sustainably,

Our awareness-raising work, to provide accurate educational information for citizens , companies and especially young people.

Your advantages as a member :

A privileged online training and exchange session on child and forced labour in supply chain,

Regular information on the actions we carry out thanks to you (newsletter of the RHSF movement) and on important news on human rights at work (monthly press review).

The opportunity to act as a volunteer and to become a voice for decent work to citizens or employees of companies. (Read ‘I become a volunteer’)

And to help the movement grow, relay our messages on social networks

Joining RHSF is a powerful act.

Join the movement!

Since 2021, we offer a training programme to become a voice of RHSF. HR professionals, students, we need you to raise awareness in your companies, schools and universities about the cause of decent work in supply chains, everywhere.

Become a member now and start to become familiar with our action by discovering our explorer!

And to help the movement grow, relay RHSF information on social networks :

To become a voice is to carry a just cause, to be an actor of change. Join the movement!

By becoming one of our partner companies, your company commits to prevent risks of indecent work.

RHSF works with its partner companies to experiment responsible business practices in their supply chains.

Beyond compliance with regulatory requirements, being a partner company of RHSF enables you to meet the spirit of the French law on Corporate Duty of Vigilance and to contribute in concrete actions in favour of decent work in the countries where you are established. Joining the RHSF movement means to :

  • Develop effective prevention against risks of indecent working conditions,
  • Experience concrete actions of an ambitious CSR policy,
  • Contribute to and benefit from responsible, pragmatic and sustainable business practices, such as those we developed in China,
  • Implement a logic of progression and continuous improvement,
  • Integrate a community that supports France’s ambition as well as its national strategy within the Alliance 8.7, the UN global partnership for the eradication of child and forced labour to prevent.

Contact us to talk about your ambition to promote responsible and sustainable practices, and discuss the prevention of undignified work risks throughout the supply chain. Don’t hesitate to email at to arrange a meeting.

Becoming a partner company means embodying good practice. Join the movement!


The Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs is delighted to be working with Ressources Humaines Sans Frontières, drawing on {its} recognised and unique expertise of over 20 years in the design, experimentation and validation of new approaches. (...). I look forward to our cooperation to effectively and sustainably eliminate the risks of child labour and forced labour in subcontracting chains.
François Delattre
Secretary General of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs (2019 - 2022), French Ambassador to Germany since September 2022
With RHSF, we have found an expert and dynamic NGO partner, with whom we work confidently and constructively. I appreciated its philosophy, which is non-judgemental and based on a willingness to engage and dialogue. Far from theoretical presentations, RHSF, with its long experience, is very "hands-on" and brings operational innovation. It shakes up our preconceived ideas and helps us to move forward".
Xavier Galliot
Chief Sustainability Officer at Essilor
As parents of two little girls, we are outraged by the exploitation of children and adults at work. We have supported RHSF's work since its inception because it is a field organisation. She shares our message: let us not take advantage of the weakest!"
Laurence and Thomas
We started working with RHSF thanks to our client who helped us implement a CSR policy in our company. We then decided to work directly with RHSF, who led us to better understand our employees and also listened to us, helping us to achieve our CSR objectives."
M. Li
Managing Director of Polyunion (China)