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International cartoon competition - results!

More than 200 cartoonists from 65 countries responded to the challenge we launched with the International Labor Organization.

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RHSF and Child Labour: Raising youth awareness is key

BY GUY CLAVEL In June 2021, the number of child labour victims worldwide reached 160 million, an increase of 8.4 million children over the past four years, according to a report by the International Labour...

Looking back on the year 2021

The year 2021 has been rich in events and developments towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 8.7 to eradicate forced and child labour. In this retrospective of events and news, we look back at the...

2021: Back in the field to identify effective and sustainable solutions

Discover our 2021 achievements! A year of action marked by the distribution of our new guide for the sustainable prevention of child labour and forced labour, the organisation of a second drawing competition in partnership...

Discover the beautiful cartoons that won the RHSF-ILO competition on forced labour

Discover all the winners of the competition launched by RHSF and the International Labour Organization (ILO).

World Day against Trafficking in Persons
30 July 2021
Cartoonists from all over the world draw their visions of forced labour

To mark World Day Against Trafficking in Persons the International Labour Organization and Human Resources without Borders have announced the winners of an international cartoon competition on forced labour. GENEVA (ILO News) – Three cartoonists...

Interview of Martine Combemale, President and Founder of RHSF

A recent report by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and Unicef, the UN agency in charge of child welfare, estimates that 160 million children will be forced to work in early 2020. That is 8.4...

Why made in France is not a protection against child labor

Martine Combemale, President of Human Ressources Without Borders (RHSF) was interviewed by Europe 1. While a UN report points for the first time to an increase in child labor in 20 years, products made in...

    Our convictions



    There is no need to exploit the misery of others in order to live well.



    For practices to evolve, we need to understand and recognize the legitimate expectations of everyone.



    Everyone, at their own level, can make a contribution.


    The Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs is delighted to be working with Ressources Humaines Sans Frontières, drawing on {its} recognised and unique expertise of over 20 years in the design, experimentation and validation of new approaches. (...). I look forward to our cooperation to effectively and sustainably eliminate the risks of child labour and forced labour in subcontracting chains.
    François Delattre
    General Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    With RHSF, we have found an expert and dynamic NGO partner, with whom we work confidently and constructively. I appreciated its philosophy, which is non-judgemental and based on a willingness to engage and dialogue. Far from theoretical presentations, RHSF, with its long experience, is very "hands-on" and brings operational innovation. It shakes up our preconceived ideas and helps us to move forward".
    Xavier Galliot
    Chief Sustainability Officer at Essilor
    As parents of two little girls, we are outraged by the exploitation of children and adults at work. We have supported RHSF's work since its inception because it is a field organisation. She shares our message: let us not take advantage of the weakest!"
    Laurence and Thomas
    We started working with RHSF thanks to our client who helped us implement a CSR policy in our company. We then decided to work directly with RHSF, who led us to better understand our employees and also listened to us, helping us to achieve our CSR objectives."
    M. Li
    Managing Director of Polyunion (China)