On 11 May in Paris, projection-debate: What future for small producers in Africa?

On 11 May in Paris, projection-debate: What future for small producers in Africa?

Published on May 11, 2017

Through two documentaries, RHSF invites you to discover the situation of small farmers in several African countries.

  • “Living with dignity on the land”: Around the birth of a healthy and sustainable sector in Senegal, this film lets us meet and hear from some of the producers associated with this project. Sharing their experience and background, they show us the interest of agro-ecological techniques to respond to the difficulties that affect family farming in Senegal today. If today living with dignity on the land seems unthinkable, this is the goal that agroecology has set itself. Film directed by Karfa Diallo.
Photograph of a woman farmer selling her vegetables
  • “And now our land”: tells the story of three resistance fighters against land grabbing in Africa, three peasant heroes who defend their land and way of life against foreign investors. In Cameroon, Benin and Senegal, farmers refuse to give up their land and are fighting for a different model of agricultural development in Africa. Film directed by Benjamin Polle and Julien Le Net: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3yXcCB5SJRU.
Poster from the film "And now our land".

The evening is organised in collaboration with the Animafac and Etudiants et Développement networks and the MJE ATLAS association.

The association MJE ATLAS will present their project to help vulnerable farmers in Rwanda and Haiti to set up an agroecology.

The event will take place at L’entrepôt Cinéma – 7/9 rue Francis de Pressensé – Paris on 11 May 2017 from 8 to 10 pm. Free admission subject to availability.