Video of the Roundtable held during COP 21 -

Video of the Roundtable held during COP 21 – “The effects of climate change on migration and forced labour”

Published on Dec 10, 2015

We are pleased to share with you the video of the roundtable on December 10 at the Grand Palais.
With the participation of Stéphane QUEFELEC (ENERGIES 2050), Martine COMBEMALE (RHSF), Sylvie O’DY (Comité contre l’Esclavage Moderne CCEM), Elisabeth LAFAILLE (Caritas France), Sandra COSSART (Sherpa – CSR and PED).

Description and issues of the roundtable: Forced labour affects more than 20 million workers worldwide. Most of them are migrants and are vulnerable precisely because they have had to leave their homes. Climate change is an important and growing cause of migration. The objective of this roundtable will be to show concrete actions that can be taken with subcontractors and suppliers in France and abroad that have an impact on human rights at work.