RHSF and the Quai d'Orsay act together against child and forced labour

RHSF and the Quai d’Orsay act together against child and forced labour

Published on Jun 17, 2020

While a United Nations study published on June 12 warns that Covid-19 could lead to the first increase in child labour in 20 years of efforts and progress, the NGO Human Resources Without Borders and France, President of the Global Partnership against Child and Forced Labor have decided to act together to find solutions in supply chains.

Because there are no ready-made solutions on these subjects to date, the key to success lies in experimentation. This principle is at the heart of the operational solutions incubator launched by RHSF to prevent the risks of child and forced labor: Lab 8.7. RHSF welcomes this indispensable partnership between public authorities, businesses and civil society for the respect of fundamental workers’ rights.

Read the press release from the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, dated 15 June 2020.