Preventing Child Labour on plantations in Panama

Preventing Child Labour on plantations in Panama

Published on Oct 20, 2018

In Panama, child labour is a scourge in agriculture.

In 2018, RHSF brought together all the stakeholders in the coffee, banana and plantain sectors, and co-constructed solutions and action plans with the actors who would implement them (farmers…).

RHSF also obtained a commitment from the Minister of Labour to pass a law incorporating its recommendations to prevent child labour.

Based on this experience and the many studies carried out by RHSF on abusive child labour in agriculture, we designed the project “Education and skills for the future in agriculture”, which will be tested from 2020 in Costa Rica and other countries.

A dive into the plantations

In this report from the heart of the coffee and banana plantations, RHSF looks back at the realities of child labour observed during the field study it conducted in November 2015 with the American NGO International Initiative to End Child Labor (IIECL).

Our report