Film debate: "Hold-up on the banana"

Film debate: “Hold-up on the banana”

Published on Oct 19, 2017

Behind the most consumed fruit in the world: the hidden face of the banana.

A person crosses a banana plantation on a donkey back.

As part of the Festival Alimenterre, come and discover “Hold-up on the banana”, a gripping documentary about the other side of the banana production scene and the reality of working conditions, close to slavery, in banana plantations.

The film “Amazónicas: Guardians of life”, also broadcast, looks back at the struggle of indigenous women in the Ecuadorian Amazon for the preservation of their land.

Synopsis :

“Hold-up on the banana”, François Cardona (52 min) : “The cultivation of the most consumed tropical fruit in the world provides a living for millions of people. Around 900 billion bananas are consumed every year in the world and each French person eats more than 7 kg of them per year. Renowned for being a healthy fruit recommended by all dieticians, it is at the heart of a world market that attracts a lot of attention.
Its profitability is such that it has become a very high-yield financial investment, totally disconnected from the reality of the plantations.
Working conditions close to slavery, toxic pesticides used intensively, investigation behind the scenes of a ruthless trade war between multinationals”.

“Amazónicas: Guardians of life”, Charles Gay (5 min): “On 11 October 2003, 70 women from 7 different tribes in the Ecuadorian Amazon began a 250km march to Quito, the country’s capital, to demand that the central government spare their territories from an auction that would lead to the exploitation by oil companies of their ancestral lands”.

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