"Child Labour and forced labour: from theory to practice"

“Child Labour and forced labour: from theory to practice”

Published on Oct 21, 2022

Thematic Breakfast – 14 October 2022

We can all play a role at our level in preventing child labour and forced labour in global supply chains. Through co-construction, we can propose new practices that contribute to decent work along supply chains. This is what we wished to discuss at an inspiring thematic breakfast gathering more than 40 attendees representing Government officials, private companies, investors, consumers, trade unions…

RHSF’s role is to put the worker back at the centre of decision-makers’ thinking, in companies, among evaluators, in the administration, in order to ensure that new practices have a positive effect on people and not only on companies’ CSR reports. To do this, we make visible the mechanisms that currently hinder the prevention of forced labour and child labour risks and on which each stakeholder has a role to play. Our mode of action: working together to understand these knots and co-construct responsible practices.

A huge thank you to our partner AEF Info. More information available in French only.